Oklahoma Directional Boring Contractors

Oklahoma Boring Contractors is an experienced directional drilling firm that has been providing horizontal boring services across the state of Oklahoma since 1990.

We use state of the art directional drilling equipment to install pipe and conduit underground in a variety of length and sizes.

Oklahoma Directional Boring

Oklahoma Directional Boring

Our directional boring professionals are trained and certified to meet the highest environmental and industry standards.

Oklahoma Boring Contractors has successfully bored and installed pipe in diameters from 1 1/4″ to 48″ distances of 30 feet up to 2,000 feet.

Trenchless Pipe Installation Oklahoma Boring Contractors

Trenchless Pipe Installation Oklahoma Boring Contractors

With over 3,000 boring jobs completed across the region, Oklahoma Boring Contractors is the right choice for your sewer, water, electric, cable, telephone, oil and gas pipe installation projects.

Oklahoma Boring Contractors


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